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Bosanski Lepine

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Posted on 2015-08-29 23:30:23

30 September 2011

Around the World - in favorite recipes: Lepina / Somun (flat bread)

Bosanski Ćevapi

Around the World - in favorite recipes: Ćevapi - Bosnian Chevups

Jos dok sam zivjela u Bosni

Bosanski somuni (lepine) ~ Recepti za svaki dan

Somuni ili lepine - originalan

Somuni ili lepine - originalan Bosanski recept ~ NM RECEPTI

Bosanski kuhar - Piletina u

Bosanski kuhar

Bosanski kolači: Mostarski

Bosanski kuhar: Mostarski kadaif

Bosanski recepti: Tulumbe

Bosanski kuhar: Tulumbe

Lepine ('Somun' - flat bread)

Around the World - in favorite recipes: Breads

Bosanski recepti: Bosanska

Bosanski kuhar: Bosanska baklava

Bosanski kuhar - Munchmallow

Bosanski kuhar

Bosanski kuhar - Kajmak


Bosanski kuhar - Sarma u


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